Have you visited the club and want to know more about steam engines? Or maybe you are looking to get into the hobby. The follow gives you a brief overview about model steam engines:

Steam powered locomotives in the 2.5 inch 3.5 inch and 5 Inch gauges are normally Coal fired with Copper boilers which are silver soldered. In order to be used where the public is involved, the Copper boilers need an hydraulic test every 4 years and a steam test every year to ensure they are working correctly and are safe to use. Most clubs have inspectors that can perform these tests for members.

There are a lot of classic designs that have been around for many years. However, there are a growing number of new designs that are proving successful.

If you have a workshop or access to one, you will be able to build a locomotive yourself with a bench drill, lathe and milling maching. It often takes an experienced builders several years to build an engine. There are many locomotives available second hand, which allows people to enjoy the hobby even if they do not have the skills or facilities to make something themselves.

The Links section has details of some suppliers dealing in new build components and second hand locomotives. Your local club could know of complete or possibly part complete locomotives for sale, and should always offer advice.

There is also a growing demand for "kit build engines" whereby you pay a deposit and then a monthly payment for each instalment of the kit over a 12 month period (or the length of time the kit takes to build). The kits come ready machined and often with all the pipework pre-bent and the builder simply bolts the engine together with readily available spanners and screwdrivers. The kits also come with a comprehensive build manual and instruction booklet on how to run the engine. See the links page for some suppliers of steam locomotive kits.

View the Gallery to see examples of different types of Live Steam locomotives.